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1000 Days!
Monday, August 8, 2011 ★ 8:57 AM | 0 Notification

The day I met him, it was a joy I knew that I was in love. The day that I met him will be a day that I will never forget. I could feel it. After that day we started spending a-lot of time together and we had so much fun together. I really happy with him. We Still are together till this day, and I now tell him, that I Love him, and he says it back. I feel over the course of a year, I developed a strong relationship, and feel as though I truly do love him! Everytime i see him i fall in love all over again....love at first sight!

Well ok, what is love? My feeling on what love is, when you love someone for who they are, not what they aren't. Also, love is when you think that the person your with, is your whole world. When they call you on the phone, you get that tingly feeling inside, every time you get a message from them, you smile and your heart beats a thousand times a minute!

Dear, Kimi o aishiteru, Ti amo, Mahal kita, Wo ai ni, I love you..


p/s I think i'm gonna marry you XD..

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